Sunday, October 09, 2005

Finance in shape

THE MOST ADVANTAGOUS way of keeping strenghtenig your finance is in 1-2-3 steps [1st] maintaining your financial charge low and [2nd] protecting your capital as well as [3 rd] reducing tax cost. The first step could be achieve by acquiring swaps or long position on fixed interest rate the second by selling call option on stock that performed well for a strike price that insure your gain and buy put option at this same price. If the stock soars you may have to sell, but you’ll make money anyway, otherwise you’ll simply insure your profit for a fraction of the normal cost. The 3rd step is acheived by paying your personnal debt first and maintain your investment debt as low as possible.If interested in these strategies you may have more detail in a book on taxation of financial derivatives at or consult at


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